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Freedom through Surrender

In this life, we all will face disappointments that cause hurt and pain. People usually react in one of these two ways when met with disappointments: (1) They either withdraw and go into seclusion, build walls to protect them from the pain, and push away those that love them the most. Or (2) they choose to be drawn to Jesus and toward a place of surrender.

In our situation, our Heavenly Father wanted to take every struggle we faced and turn it into a place of redemption. He wanted to free us from strongholds and lies we had believed. Throughout our journey, God was teaching us how to praise and thank Him even though it felt like our world was in turmoil. He also was teaching us to surrender what we thought were our rights to His perfect will.

Whether it be health challenges, relationship issues, or financial struggles, we want to share that God is good and His promises will never fail. As I look around, I see there are people going through much greater challenges than we as a family ever faced. We might not understand the pain you may be going through, but we do know the Heavenly Father that wants to deliver, free, and redeem whatever hurt is in your life.

Some of the things we’ve learned as a family:

  • We can’t do anything without God’s help and blessing.
  • When going through a tough time, surround yourself with people that care.
  • Be vulnerable about how you feel. Feelings are real.
  • Even when it’s difficult to believe God’s promises, get into the Word and choose to believe.
  • Pray without ceasing.
  • In everything give thanks.
  • Believe that God has a perfect plan for your life.

Our goal as a family is to share the power of Jesus Christ through song and trust that the Holy Spirit will apply it to whatever you may be facing in your life.

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